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Concrete Repair / Replacement / Installation

The lifespan of concrete depends on different variables such as levels of use, environmental conditions, workmanship, etc.  Good concrete can have an infinite life span under the right conditions.  However, there are other factors that can also play a role in deterioration of the concrete such as:

  1. Water and frost (concrete is porous and can absorb moisture leading to the freeze/thaw process)
  2. Incorrect grading
  3. Incorrect cement/water ratio
  4. Incorrect placement of concrete
  5. Inconsistent mixes
  6. Impact from collisions
  7. General wear, plant and/or tree damage - ivy, algae and tree roots, de-icing salts combined with moisture can penetrate the concrete and cause corrosion on the reinforcement steel eventually leading to spalling and cracking of the concrete.

At TD&D Unlimited we're your contractor of choice whether you need repair, replacement or a new installation.




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