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Leak Assistance

TD & D Unlimited is proud to offer 24 hour leak assistance to your home or business.  We know when leaks happen, waiting is not an option.  Water damage can cause a host of problems to your structure and the time to get them under control is now.  There are many ways to address leaks, but 2 of the more popular options we implement are sealant replacement and through wall flashing.

Sealant Replacement

Some causes of failed sealant are:

  1. Weathering
  2. Loss of adhesion resulting in the separation of the sealant and the bond
  3. Loss of cohesion (internal integrity of the sealant)
  4. Loss of elasticity which can allow for increased hardening of the sealant
  5. Improper Installation

Failed/deteriorated sealant will allow water to enter into the building envelope.  Water intrusion is a serious and costly issue.  Maintaining areas that are vulnerable to leakage will not only help prevent interior damage but save you a fortune in the long run.

Through Wall Flashing

This is the process used to divert moisture/water, which has entered the wall, to the outside.  Through Wall Flashing is used at all points where moisture/water may enter the wall and in selected places particularly susceptible to water damage (i.e. around windows, skylights, etc.)

If you're experiencing any type of leak don't hesitate to call us.  We're experienced professionals in this area and can put that experience to work for you. 


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