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Below Grade Waterproofing


Below grade and interior waterproofing is the process where coatings or membranes are applied to a building or structure in an effort to eliminate water intrusion and protect it's structural integrity.  Waterproofing below grade building structures is a crucial step in keeping a building structurally sound and watertight.  In addition it will help prevent costly water damage and add value to the building structure. 

Over the past 3 decades, the construction industry has had many technological advances in waterproofing materials.  These advances include integral waterproofing systems and more scientifically advanced membrane materials. 

The success of a below grade waterproofing system, and the selection of the components, that will be used within the waterproofing system, will depend greatly on building site conditions.  Because of this it's highly recommended that you hire an experience waterproofing contractor like the professionals at TD & D Unlimited

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